New And Improved Website

A New and Improved Website is the plan.  How to do that is the question.

Live your plucky new life
A New and Improved Life

I am not a blogger.  I’m not good at daily, or even weekly, prose about profound discoveries.  While I may do the task in my head, there’s no time or energy to share with the you, the reader, on a website.

I’m a writer.  I’m a mother.  I’m a mate.  I’m a store manager.  Oh yes, I’m also an individual with individual needs, wants, and desires.  Adding ‘blogger’ to that list is over the top–I can’t do it.

In the interest of self preservation, my Alexie Linn website is retired and this clean, clear, simple wordpress presence is in place to tell you about and to make my books available to you.

You are the reader.  You living your plucky new life is my priority.  My books can help you do that.  And this New and Improved Website will simplify your access to my books AND it will simplify my own plucky new life so that I can concentrate on producing more of what you want to read.


Right now I have three new books at various stages of completion.  They are:

  1. Rescue Me–A Joan Freed Life Changing Mystery and Adventure about two children from El Salvador who wound up being sold to a magician.
  2. How To Choose An RV–A detailed examination about choosing an RV that’s just right for you.
  3. Jerena’s Journey–A Joan Freed Life Changing Mystery and Adventure about an abused wife finding her purpose in life.

On that note, please save Live Your Plucky New Life in your favorites or on your desktop so that you can check back often for publication or to add another title by Alexie Linn or Alo Snider to your library.

Thank you for saving me, and please move forward in living your own plucky new life.

Happy Trails and Tales,


P.S. I’ll be adding more crosswords and wordsearches when the moment strikes.  This New and Improved Website is the place to play for free.

P.S.S. While I don’t ask you to sign up so I can flood your email with ‘stuff’, your comments and input is important.  Feel free to share. 🙂


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