Alexie Linn writes the Joan Freed Mystery/Adventure Series to entertain, educate, and energize you, the reader moving forward into your own plucky new life.

She shares for the same purpose — to encourage you to expand your horizons and to consider what you really want to do — and to get on with it, one step at a time — except for the occasional leap and bound so necessary for momentum.

She’s papered as a Life Coach, a Nutritional Therapist, and a Counselor but chooses to help people do what they want to do through her books and memories rather than tied to a structured office.  She’s a true free spirit.

The two books she submitted for the Books Go Social awards came back with gold medallions — the highest award possible.  This tells you they are high quality reads that give what’s promised — to entertain, educate, and to energize you.

Have fun and happy trails and tales.


Contact Alexie Linn by email at: alexielinn@gmail.com

And by snail mail at: PO Box 662, Stanfield, AZ  85172