The Skinny on Sourdough

The Preamble:  Alexie Linn spent the first year of her married life in and around the Matanuska Valley of Alaska. Her first home was an army tent perched by a raging creek near Girdwood. Here, with a portable wood stove and an oven that lives in its stovepipe, is where she was introduced to sourdough and all its possibilities. A Cook Inlet homesteader penned the cookbook that traveled from camp to homestead to the lower 48 states and found its place on the shelf for decades. The relationship lives on in this revealing and entertaining book about sourdough.

The Skinny:  Nope! Guess again. This is not a book of recipes for sourdough. Neither is it a book on a new fad diet. It is, instead, a book about sourdough – what it is, who it’s for, where it lives, how to create it, when it was discovered, and why we need it. It does include a sprinkling of recipes to get you through the gate of the vast and confusing world of sourdough.

It’s an education on flour and water paste, yeast, time, temperature, humidity and environment. It’s a tool to simplify your life and help you sort through the myriad of information to get the culture you want according to what you want to do with it. Want a sprinkling of sourdough yarns? Here they are…

Do you want quick, easy, healthy, and yummy bread products? Go with simple wild yeast sourdough. Do you want to start a club? Here’s how to grow big and share. Do you want to set it and forget it? Here’s how….

This is The Skinny on Sourdough….

The way to Buy it Now: 


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Here’s to your health, your happiness, and living your plucky new life….


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