True Secret Shopper Diaries

Mystery Shopper, Private Investigator, Auditor, Undercover Operative, Snoop, Gumshoe…are these a smattering of job titles that live on your Plucky New Life bucket list? Should they be?

While Joan is on hiatus – probably gathering data for her next adventure or catching wild yeast in sourdough starters (or both) – I’ve been busy meeting new characters who want to share their lives with you and me. My quest has been interesting – sometimes quite exciting, and successful.

One such character – who will remain nameless for her own protection – had a desire to remove the shroud of secrecy over her career choice. She (or is she a ‘he’?) is a bonafide Secret Shopper – and has been for more than ten years.

To tell the story, we rummaged through a decade of personal memories, actual paper files, and confidential diaries. She bared it all…

I was intrigued to the point of oatmeal glopping around in my head. Too much information with no organization only encouraged my confusion of what a secret shopper really does and heightened the question of how can they possibly make a living at it.

My attitude began as ‘that’s only good for homemakers to drop pin money into their cookie jars’. I was so wrong!

JAM (that’s all you’ll ever get out of me for this person’s identity) painted a fresh new picture in my head of :

  • What a secret shopper really does
  • How to make real money at it and remain undiscovered
  • Where they do the job(s)
  • When do they work
  • Why they do it
  • Who are they and how long they’ve been among us
  • Tips and techniques for success

Before we finished our time together, JAM invited me to accompany her for a ‘day in the life of’ to witness her in action. I did.

We began our day in a box store – where I promptly lost her in an aisle of hardware. Our entire morning went that way. She was like the wind – dead still one minute and whooshed away the next, without warning. I didn’t lose her at lunch, however, because it was a sit down meal for two at (Oops! Can’t say). We finished the day at a casino where she assured me she’d be reimbursed for a certain amount of losses – if she had any.

I was exhausted, plumb tuckered out, when we parted company. But decisions had been made. This was too big of a project for a blog. A short book would be required to give seekers a true picture and education of the secret shoppers life.

True Secret Shopper Diaries is now complete and ready for you to get your copy today. Is your plucky new life worth about a $3.00 investment?

Click here to get your eBook instantly at your favorite eBook retailer, or, you can also order it in paperback for a few dollars more through Amazon.

Here’s the Smashwords link.

Happy Trails and Tales,

Alexie Linn

P.S. I may even add Secret Shopper to my own bucket list. Hope I don’t spot you there….


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