The Mount St. Helens Affair

No, I’m fine,” the scraggly haired lady slouched behind the steering wheel in the extreme camping outfit said. “I just need somewhere to crash and gather my wits for a few days – do you know of anyplace?”

That’s how I met Alo Snider, the wannabe Geologist that wasn’t really a widow and wasn’t really a client. Or was she?

I built a client file on her because she landed at my winter sanctuary in the Sonoran Desert in the middle of the night.  The county park I directed her to was besieged with smugglers and agents.  What else could I do?

In case you missed the memo, I’m Joan Freed, the rebel life coach and nutritional therapist that you may–or may not–have heard about. I do my best to keep a low profile for my own sake as well as that of my clients. And Rule #1 is to never let anyone know where you live!  Sometimes rules have to be broken.

Alo has a Ring of Fire obsession and the files to prove it. The love of her life vanished on a Mt. St. Helens expedition, leaving her with his Jeep and trailer that goes anywhere and camp is set with a pop and a swoop. He also left her with an urgency to conquer Mt. St. Helens. However, she needed a new partner and proceeded to groom Jenny and I as her team, whether we wanted to be or not. But then Alo vanished under the cloak of night without us. Until my cell phone rang at the entrance to Bloody Basin Road – a spooky place I always wanted to explore….

True to the Joan Freed Mystery/Adventure Series, this story is a journey to propel personal growth, learning about stuff–in this case heavy on the volcanoes, and making decisions. It’s a full spectrum emotional journey and a mind-bending trek.

If you like mystery and adventure, secure your copy of ‘The Mount Saint Helens Affair, settle in, and buckle up for the ride…

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