The Aurora Borealis Affair

What’s more fun than being stuck in rush hour traffic on the 10? How about another adventure with Joan Freed, the rebel life coach who only wants to start fulfilling her bucket list – beginning with seeing the Aurora Borealis up close and personal in Alaska. Alaska because she’s feeling a distinct pull, magnetic if you will, to ‘do’ Alaska as a tourist.

But first she has a coaching client near Mormon Lake who needs her attention. A client named Geraldine who’s not only a character in her own right, but has a plethora of surprises that turns Joan’s life upside down and forces her to unearth and face deeply buried facts about herself.

Jenny, Joan’s wishing she was invisible partner in crime so to speak, decides to stay the course a little longer along with Patches, the black and white spotted chihuahua, in tow and heads out to the far north with Joan. After three days of actual R & R that the two have finally managed to get after 3000 miles, or so, Jenny voices that she’s bored (that’s a clue).

Joan opens the unlocked door (that’s a clue, too) to her RV to find a redheaded girl in her bed. A redheaded girl who may or may not be a murderer; who may or may not have amnesia; and may or may not have been kidnapped. But she’s definitely from the south and knows how to cook. Is she any good at conniving? Maybe.

Join Joan and Jenny on their journey of a once in a lifetime vacation jaunt from Arizona to the Arctic Circle and back. Find out how good Joan is at being a tourist and what’s really going on in the redhead’s head that Tamhas, Spock’s doppelgänger thinks he knows.

This is a novel of personal growth, mystery, adventure, and, of course, lots of mayhem.

See what happens when you leave your door unlocked, and, above all, be careful what you ask for…

If you like Murder She Wrote, Hettie Wainwright, and Rosemary & Thyme, you’ll love this and other Joan Freed Murder/Adventures. Happy Trails and Tales.

Thank You,

Alexie Linn

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