Sinkhole! In My Backyard!

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.

Sinkholes! Who wants ’em?

We do! But not so much in our own backyard.

What can we do about them?

If your very own sinkhole is awesome, you can build an amusement park around it and charge for people to ‘ooh ahh’ at it.

If it’s not so awesome or the sinkhole hasn’t appeared yet, but you’re living on karst or see signs of a sinkhole appearing (take a breath), you have two choices.

Move or prepare for the potential ride of your life.

Life is full of choices – Joan calls them options and invests substantial time pondering them (pondering the options is her bare bones gift). It’s what she does when she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

We make hundreds – if not thousands – of choices everyday – from what we will eat to when we will go to bed. But what about the bigger choices? Things like where will I live? How will I support myself? Will I join with another and choose to compromise (a bunch!)?

How do we make these choices?

Sometimes we choose by need. Others by instinct, like in an emergency. Just like dance lessons will usually make you a better dancer, training for emergencies will guide your instincts to save yourself and others more efficiently. Sometimes we choose by our own priorities and desires, but a happier choice will will be an informed one. An informed choice includes knowing, and considering, the drawbacks in the whole picture.

Take Joan’s priority – her life as an anti-social sunbird – ie, freedom to roll away from inclement weather and hoards of people. To that end, if she has to work a ‘real job’ that entails clocking in daily, she’ll have to commute or stuff her RV in a place (temporarily) that she may not wish to be. AND the job will definitely pay less than a fulltime, year around job in a metro area. She says, “It’s the tradeoff”, the price of being free – a complete contradiction in itself, but it’s her choice that she is happiest with. She doesn’t consider 20 miles to the grocery store an inconvenience – she takes a big shopping list (unless she forgets the list at home) and makes less trips.

What is your criteria for choosing where to live?

If your list includes sinkhole probabilities (and, perhaps, it should), following are links to learn all about sinkholes – how they happen, where they happen, when they happen… and search term ‘sinkholes’.

A.L.O. Snider has put together an excellent book, Sinkholes! In My Backyard?! It’s a one-click resource that will give you all the skinny – including maps and pictures – to help you make an informed choice of where you want to live.

Click here for Sinkholes! In My Backyard!

Check back often for a universal link to everywhere else…

Happy Trails and Tales,



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