Earthquake! Run — Like a Bunny!

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Lao Tzu
Tsunami – a jaw-dropping instigator of grief and bereavement.

Oceanfront property – who doesn’t want it? Unless, of course, an earthquake has just played shake, rattle, and roll – thousands of miles away from your breathtaking view.

Earthquakes are an awesome fact of life. They will happen – bank on it. When the tectonic plates adjust, the seismograph dances the jitterbug, the ocean bed slides, and Voila – Tsunami is in control run, don’t walk, away from the coastline.

Here’s what happens: You’re sunbathing on a San Diego, California beach when you get word of an earthquake in Alaska. The adjustment in the plates cause a slip in the ocean; a wave starts to build; it gets bigger and bigger and bigger as it surges toward the coastline to finally splat itself on land, running out of energy. The wave is neither aware, nor does it care, what’s in its path – conscious behavior is simply not in its job description.

Putting the picture into perspective, consider an ant, marching along, looking for treasure, simply playing his piano and singing his song. You step out with your bucket of water and toss the water out. Splat! Now imagine you are the ant….

Tsunami kills more people and destroys more property than the earthquake that caused it because it’s the same body of water lapping on miles and miles and miles of shoreline.

I remember the time my daughter and I about 2,000 miles apart. We were talking on the phone one night when she said, “Wow! We have a full moon!” I looked up at my moon, chuckled, and said, “Wow! So do we!”

It’s a shared thing worldwide – the moon, the sun, the oceans – Tsunami…

If you choose to plant yourself on oceanfront property – in Arizona, California, Japan, or anywhere else – know the potential cost. Take a lesson from Joan Freed: Consider all the pluses and minuses – then do what you want, fully prepared for the repercussions.

There are several fact, instruction, and image filled resources to help your decision be an informed one. A couple of them are listed below, including a one-click shop to A.L.O. Snider’s Earthquake! Run – Like A Bunny! – although she could have titled it Tsunami! Run – Like a Bunny!.

Be informed; be prepared; and go for it! I would – maybe.

Happy Trails and Tales,


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