Blindsided! Good Grief!

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The body wedged in the doorway, floating on a pool of glass shards and red liquid, was very much alive. But the body laid out under a Palo Verde tree in my retention pond was very much dead. The live body wedged in the doorway was blinded in the line of duty, living a demoralizing life of forced retirement with no enemies and no hope. The corpse under the Palo Verde tree was a county code enforcer with a plethora of enemies – and I was the targeted fall gal for the murder.

This is the story of Max – the bored blind guy; Irene – the blind guy’s discontented wife, who retired from school teaching to help Max; and me – Joan Freed, the rebel life coach – plus a few more characters.

We met by accident – literally. After the clean-up, they shared Keurig coffee and Biscotta with me – my first for both, and we talked a little about ourselves – like you do when you meet new people. Max was the precise picture of what crushed self-esteem in men would look like – in my opinion. Irene still had enough stamina to pull me aside and ask for help in turning their devastating grief into good grief.

While I think the second body – the dead one – was a tad overkill to trigger Max into personal growth, expanding horizons, and his own success mindset, it worked – and I’m still here to tell you about it.

A cozy mystery set in the desert southwest that started as two women on an adventure. Then came corruption, murder and mayhem, followed by life beyond biscotti – all from a bump on the head.

Get on the journey train and enjoy the ride today. Get the book, read it, laugh, cry, and love. And please take a moment to leave your all-important review as well as your comments below.  Your comments and reviews make a difference.

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