Unexpected Gifts

I find …. asking myself the questions that were part of ….. dialogues between Rita and Joan and looking for my own answers ….

a good read and well worth the hike …

.everybody needs to read this book.

Joan Freed is a spunky Life Coach and Nutritional Therapist. She’s not a ‘normal‘ counselor, but a free spirit who believes grief recovery can be jump-started with her focused, simple 7 step program in her ever changing outdoor office – and she’s proving it, one case file at a time.

Rita is a sudden widow firmly stuck at her window seat. Desperate to escape, she calls Joan for help. And that’s when the journey through unexpected gifts, good grief, and a new life really begins.

Part One is Rita and Joan’s journey. Part Two details Joan’s program, step by step for you to apply in your own life.

Enjoy the journey.

(Previously published as ‘Rita’s Story’)

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