The Personal Transformation of Queenie

Joan Freed is a rebel life coach and nutritional therapist. She promotes self-help recovery from any malady.  No matter where she lands Joan attracts the people who need her program like pollen attracts bees.
Biking in the Kaibab National Forest of Arizona, just before the crest of the hill, Queenie’s camp startles her and she loses momentum.  Queenie gives her a place to rest and shares that she is abandoned with only marshmallows and potato chips to eat.  The session begins.
Before 48 hours has passed, Queenie blurts out that she considers herself a circus fat lady.   Joan, the lifecoach, takes control.
She takes Queenie shopping,  but, on the way back to camp, two women’s bodies turn up and the women are off on the adventure of their life – to date.

Journey with Joan and Queenie through Queenie’s personal transformation. Help solve the mystery of the women’s demise – please, before Joan becomes dead as yesterday, too.

The story begins:
Two women lay sprawled in front of my truck. They are very dead. Queenie sits like a statue on the passenger side of my vintage Chevy pick-up. She looks like the circus fat lady that she thinks she is–but she’s not laughing.
I am on sabbatical in the Kaibab National Forest. I’m here to feed my own free spirit with life changing time by myself. A break much needed and anticipated after my last exhausting coaching case.
I know none of these women, but the two dead ones seem to have known me. They have appeared near each of my camps for a couple of years now…
Before the bodies appeared, our less than 24 hour kinship was an uncomplicated ‘women helping women’ moment…

While this could be a wearisome story of murder and mayhem, it isn’t. It’s the story of how one woman’s life changing personal transformation had a ripple effect in solving a cold case and enriching my own personal growth.

Who am I, you ask? I am Joan Freed, the rebel life coach and nutritional therapist. You’ve never heard of me? That’s okay. I keep a low profile. My office is wherever I park my 19′ Wilderness RV–which is never in an RV park if I can help it.
I have my own agenda. I’m proving that my 7-day, 7-step fast-track recovery program is valid, valuable, and necessary for the good of all who are living it. And for those who have to live with us.
I believe and promote that we are each an individual with individual needs for recovery. Let us heal in the way that best feeds our spirit and brings fulfillment to our lives.
The steps are the same. The way we take the steps is unique to each of us. I turn my case files into stories so that you, my treasured reader–can:
  • Conquer the noesis of how to jump-start your own grief recovery program.
  • Root for those who are currently living it,
  • And know that there is such a thing as good grief as well as ‘feel good’ happy endings.
Pardon me while I step off my soapbox and tuck it away.
On second thought, don’t wait. ‘The Personal Transformation of Queenie’ is a feel good, cozy adventure.
Click the links below for the rest of the story – Volume 2 of Good Grief! The Series – and enjoy the journey.

Here’s a bonus!

If you love crosswords and wordsearch puzzles, scroll on down and have some fun.  No sign-up, no charge, just fun.

Happy Trails and Tales,

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